U*L Issue 114 Table of Contents

Issue 114 (Number 1 of 2000)

Publisher/Editors / 3
U*Librarian as Dr. Seuss… / 4
On Book Clubs / 4
Dining Cards for Fundraising / 4
Editor’s Mumbling / 5
Relevant Web Pages / 5
Meanwhile… Back in Wyoming / 5
Grandma Said / 6
Career Periodicals / 6
…the Opinions of One’s Employer / 6
It’s So Much More Romantic / 6
Another Librarian in Congress? / 6
Berman’s Bag: Open the Stacks [Berman] / 7
Bibliocide in Minnesota / 7
Library Publishes Local History / 8
“Amazon Loss Soared 548%…” / 8
Book Clubs in Bloomfield, Joliet / 9
New Drive-Up Service Window… / 9
Creative Fundraising… / 9
Summer Reading Club and Media Attention / 10
Queens Library Lends TTY Units / 10
The Watergate Tapes… / 10
Herb Schiller… Dies / 11
Texas Cultural Checkpoints / 11
How to Write in French, German… / 12
Multnomah County Library Spanish Web Pages / 13
Good Reasons to Oppose Height-Shelving at LC / 13
Open the Doors / 14
LibeWire Employees’ Survey / 15
Editor’s Query / 15
Lobby Day 2000 / 15
Filtering in Arizona Defeated / 16
Library Poem / 16
Using the Web to Verify Requests / 17
Children’s Music Web Sites / 17
E-store vs. Bookstore vs. Library / 17
Librarians with an Attitude / 17
Other Options / 18
Pokémon Fan Club / 18
Barbara Kingsolver… / 19
“Whatever happened to the class of ’93?” / 19
On Trash / 20
Volunteer TV Star / 20
ADA Compliance [A Real Story] / 20
From a Newspaper Cartoon / 20
Letter to the Editor [Tampa Tribune] [J Freedman] / 21
NTIS in Danger of Being Closed [Hoduski] / 21
Lobbying in an Election Year [Hoduski] / 22
Queens Borough Public Library New Americans Program / 23
From Carole Leita: The Best of the Best [Leita] / 24
Money Can Buy You Books & We Must Lobby / 27
Libraries, Outsourcing and Undergarments [J Freedman] / 28

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